You Can’t Hold Us Down

A1. Can’t Hold Us Down (Vocal Remix)
A2. Can’t Hold Us Down (Instrumental Remix)
A3. Can’t Hold Us Down (Acapella)
B1. Can’t Hold Us Down (Vocal Babigezus Mix)
B2. Can’t Hold Us Down (Yard Boy Mix)
B3. Can’t Hold Us Down (Instrumental)


Here’s a dope release from 1996 that features Greg Nice of Nice & Smooth. Produced by Babegezus(I don’t know who this is), Greg Nice rhymes alongside with two other emcees. The remix produced by Da Penguin(I don’t know who that is either), is definitely better than the Babigezus mix. It’s a Greg Nice anthem type of ish.

A1. So Tough (Radio Though)
A2. So Tough (Toughstrumental)
A3. So Tough (Tough A Pella)
B1. So Tough (Easy Mo Tough Mix)
B2. So Tough (Sid’ Mellow Mix)
B3. Crazy Like A Foxxx


Here is Freddie Foxxx’s 12″ release from 1994 for then-unreleased album Crazy Like A Foxxx. So Tough was released with three different mixes. The original was produced by S.I.D.(Naughty, Apache, Queen Latifah) and had a reggae vibe to it with Queen Latifah singing on the hook. Then you had the “Tough” version produced Easy Mo Bee which made it feel more rugged. The last mix & the best was remixed by S.I.D. . It gave it a more mellow sound and took away the singing by Queen Latifah. It was more radio-friendly. The last track “Crazy Like A Foxxx” is known for being a diss to Ultragmagnetic MC’s.

A1. Wunderlust (Main Mix)
B1. Wunderlust (Instrumental)
B2. Wunderlust (Acapella)


Here’s a 1996 release by Rob-O of INI. As you can see on the picture, it says “Produced By Pete Rock” but it was actually produced by the Soul Brother’s bro Grap Luva. It has the same type of vibe as any song from the “Center of Attention”. Wunderlust would also be included on Rob-O’s Rhyme Pro cd which featured all his old materials.

A1. Move It In Move It Out (Phat Mix)
A2. Move It In Move It Out (Phat Radio)
A3. Move It In Move It Out (Acapella)
B1. Move It In Move It Out (Phat Remix)
B2. Move It In Move It Out (Phat Nitty Gritty Mix)
B3. Move It In Move It Out (Phat Remix Instrumental)


This next 1997 release comes from the Derelect Camp. Move It In Move It Out is produced by Rockwilder(Redman, Busta Rhymes) when he had just started to get a little hype. But I got to say that Phat Remix wins, even though it is remixed by an unknown producer.

Thanks to T.R.O.Y. Regular Lyrical Gymnastics who blessed us with these vinyls.

–Thomas V

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