1989 Legendary MC Battle

Part 1:

Part 2:

Two legendary Bronx emcees face to face in front of the hip hop landmark Patterson Projects.
Lord Finesse and Percee P get at each other over a loop of “Funky Drummer” on this evening 
some time in the summer of 1989. Besides having to face such lyrically aggressive opponents
on the rhyme tip, they also had to battle over the irksome sounds of a Mr. Softee ice cream truck
jingle and a gaggle of loud mouth crumb snatchers. Regardless, both emcees deliver incredible 
performances and both deserve praise for the classic verses they dropped.
Definitely 20 unforgettable minutes in our culture’s history.

Download complete battle here

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5 Responses to “1989 Legendary MC Battle”

  1. DGInk says:

    Damn! this is classic…too bad it's grainy at least we know it's authentic

  2. Kimani17 says:

    This battle just makes so many other youtube battles seem absolutely ridiculous and insignificant…these two just murder it, every single verse. Crazy. Thanks for making the first 20 minutes of my day great.

  3. The Big Sleep says:

    Thanks and much props for comin' through Verge, I've been wantin' a good (well, better) quality version of this for deep.

    And it's nice to have it all in one piece and not have to go to YouTube to watch this.

  4. verge says:

    No doubt,fellas.Glad you all enjoyed this.The kids that produced the SBX flick somehow dug this up and did the best they could with the quality…This battle was unreal.

  5. thomasv says:

    I met and talked with percee p yesterday for about 15 minutes! It was definitely a great moment! Percee P was really cool!

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