Soul Kid Klik

Soul Kid Klik, a hip-hop crew based in the Bronx, was formed in the early 90’s. The members are G-Clef, Infamous, Blakspik, Goodfella Mike G, Storm the Ghetto Mutant, Malik Kahaar Ali, Skinslaya and DJ Spinbad. It all got started when original member G-Clef released an album with his group Ghetto Philharmonic (G-Clef, DJ Spinbad, B-Natural) in 1994. The album released by Tuff City was supposed to come out in 1993 but only came out late in 1994. After problems with Tuff City, Ghetto Philharmonic left the label. After G-Clef became managed by what was then known as GZA Entertainment, which was co-owned by GZA from the Wu-Tang Clan. G-Clef then started to promote his crew Soul Kid Klik. Their first 12″ release was “Mortal Kombat” which came out in 1995. It became a minor hit and got spun on underground radio shows. They would release one more 12″ single but after problems with GZA, Jay “Wax” Garfield, and even the group, they would eventually disband and abort their album. Only SKK member, Goodfella Mike G, was able to release a solo album in 1996 before the breakup. It’s a dark, and raw album that was done by a “real” Sicilian mafioso. In 2002, G-Clef was able re-release all the SKK tracks(demos, unreleased, 12″) into one CD. In my opinion, it’s an underground classic! Just hardcore, raw, and real!

(1993-94) Ghetto Philharmonic – Hip Hop Be-Bop

Preview of Don’t Bite the Concept:

Preview of Mortal Kombat:

Preview of Strictly Dago:

Props to WhoosainTha49thAmbassador for Mike G

–Thomas V

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