In Search Of A Complete Prince Paul Discography

The regulars at the T.R.O.Y. Forum are not your average message board denizens, no sir. Far from leeching lurkers, our regulars are expert compilers, DJs, bloggers, producers, etc. in their own right and tend to display the drive to get things done efficiently and collaboratively. One big rap nerd Voltron perhaps, but the T.R.O.Y. Movement gets things done, duns.

In recent weeks the hilariously named Wordbooty announced a plan to compile the entirety of Prince Paul’s discography, going so far as to include extremely remixes and other obscure production and scratching credits. Wordbooty posted quite a few of his finds to demonstrate that he had been making progress, starting with remixes. Unfortunately, the great Zshare Outage of ’08 left many of the files inaccessible. The T.R.O.Y. Forum’s first lady Ho1Ogramz came to the rescue, and uploaded all of the files that have been amassed thus far.
As you can see, Prince Paul has produced for a very diverse set of artists, which makes sense given his eclectic and even eccentric tastes as a sampling genius. 
Prince Paul Remixes Part 1 [CLICK TO DOWNLOAD]
3rd Bass “Gas Face” (Remix)
Alliance Ethnik “Respect” (Bag of Tricks Remix)
Alliance Ethnik “Respect” (Project Remix)
Alliance Ethnik “Simple & Funky” (Prince Paul Remix)
Beastie Boys “Root Down” (Prince Paul Balloon Remix)
Black, Rock, And Ron “You Can’t Do Me None” (Prince Paul Remix)
Bootsy Collins “If 6 Was 9” (Prince Paul Instrumental)
Boo Yaa T.R.I.B.E. “Psyko Funk” (Remix)
Chill Rob G “Let Me Show You” (Prince Paul Remix)
Cookie Crew “Born This Way” (Prince Paul Dope Mix)
Cypress Hill “Latin Lingo” (Prince Paul Mix)
De La Soul “Me, Myself & I” (Oblapos Mode)
Prince Paul Remixes Part 2 [CLICK TO DOWNLOAD]
De La Soul “Keepin’ The Faith” (Straight Pass)
De La Soul “Keepin’ The Faith” (12″ UK Mix)
De La Soul “Keepin’ The Faith” (No Bass Mix)
De La Soul “Keepin’ The Faith” (LP Version)
De La Soul “Ghetto Thang” (Ghetto Ximer Mix)
De La Soul “Buddy” (Native Tongues Decision Mix)
Prince Paul “Blue Flowers” (So Beautiful Remix)
Fine Young Cannibals “Good Thing” (Prince Paul Remix)
Fine Young Cannibals “I’m Not Satisfied” (New York Rap Version)
Gravediggaz “Mommy What’s A Gravedigga?”
Imani Coppola “Legend Of A Cowgirl” (Prince Paul Mix)
Living Colour “Funny Vibe” (Funky Vibe Mix)
Scotty Hard “Who Said (What)” (Prince Paul Remix)
The Avalanches “Since I Left You” (Prince Paul Remix)
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion “Blues XXX Man” (Prince Paul Remix)

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