Omar Epps’ Wolfpack

Omar Epps may have got his first start as “Q” in the movie Juice and some of you may best know him as Dr. Eric Foreman in the medical drama House , but before Hollywood started knocking Omar Epps was struggling Brooklyn rapper who was apart of the group Wolfpack along with his brother.

Wolfpack never dropped an album but they did release a single titled “Definition” in 1995 once Omar had a little money and some clout. I remember the video used to play like crazy on YO! but it was impossible to find the single in stores. For those who never got a chance to peep, now is your chance!


Wolfpack – Definition (OMAR EPPS GROUP 1995 )

Wolfpack – Definition/Attack Of Da Wolfpack [1995]
Wolfpack – Definition
Wolfpack – Attack Of Da Wolfpack


In addition to his short-lived rapping career, Omar Epps has also directed videos for Heather B. and Special Ed’s “Neva Go Back.”

Bonus Video:

Props to instranetic for hooking up the tracks.

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9 Responses to “Omar Epps’ Wolfpack”

  1. Anonymous says:


    thank you so much, i have been looking for this track for about a decade now.

  2. Anonymous says:


  3. bad-cop says:

    I like that Wolfpack shit, never heard it before but pretty decent i'd say

  4. fredMS says:

    also he co-produced the theme song for the wayans bros which is like one of the dopest beets ever

  5. Chromespokex says:

    damn, looking for this forever. Finally the search is over!!!

  6. Michel says:

    Waouh… it's a great day i finally find the great song of Da Wolfpack …….

    Thank you so much ……

    I remember the first time that i saw this video in mtv Yo raps !! it's been a long time..

  7. Anonymous says:

    Just Thank You.
    I was looking for this one since its been showed on mtv back then.
    I just knew there was a tape released with that song.
    And down here in Germany you d never get this..
    Does anybody know if that song has been printed on vinyl??

    if yes, i need to get it.

    thanks a lot

  8. aral one says:

    DAAAAAM it's amazing i finally found some info on wolfpack, daam, it's been a so long time, and i finally think it's only dream…

    so for info, you can see him in the movie higher learning with ice cube and tyra banks…

    than for finish, i come from so far… belgium europe and i have this records… amazing, extremely rare!

    peace out

  9. Alympik says:

    Wow!! This brings back memories!! Haha!!!

    By the way… The other member in The Wolfpack wasn’t Omar Epp’s brother.. Dudes name was G-Sharp & he’s Omar’s oldest & closest friend. He was NICE!

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