30 Light My Fire Covers

You’re not going to find any Jim Morrison or Jose Feliciano on here as we’re going a little more obscure with this compilation. However, you will find some Stevie, Tammi Lynn, and Al Green. Not to mention, plenty of samples and a drum break here and there if your into that sort of thing. Some versions are on some smooth ish, while some are psychedelic and others are just plain old funk bangers. The Johnny Harris version is pretty much an instrumental of the Shirley Bassey one, though there are differences they’re both pretty ill.

The variety of styles and players on this comp make it enjoyable like you’re really not listening to the same song 30 times.
Minnie Riperton
Johnny Harris
Astrud Gilberto
Ananda Shankar
Young-Holt Unlimited
Download 30 track compilation in two parts mediafire steez here and here
Or in one folder from megaupload here

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