homeless records – what’s really going on

Here’s a very dope little ep from New York. It was released by ‘Homeless Records’ in 1995. Not many cuts on this one, but they are pure dope. My favorite one has to be track 4. I think n.f.l is from New Jersey, but don’t quote me on it. These kinds of various artist eps have always been of particular interest to me. The lineup here is pretty solid so check it out!


01 third eye-where the money at (produced by jesse west)
02 dunja-a and r better watch out (produced by e. knight)
03 rich nice-strictly ghetto (produced by house)
04 ripper-play by the rules (produced by scratch god ahmad)
05 n.f.l-time for trife (produced by scratch god ahmad)
06 a.s.a-beats (produced by g. dub)

If ya like this let me know, and I will bring you more releases like this one.


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7 Responses to “homeless records – what’s really going on”

  1. Isako says:

    good shit bro, verrrry good shit…

  2. george bush says:

    so fuckin dope

  3. A to the Lex says:

    damn banger – props

  4. Jaz says:

    I like , I Like, props fam

  5. Anonymous says:

    This is exactly what I like, Mid-90's obscure shit.

  6. Anonymous says:

    No doubt, let's bring it on…W49thA

  7. qnzgrimiest says:

    this shit got some bangers, its really hard to choose but if i had to choose the it would be a&r watch out, strictly ghetto, and beats, good post, peace.

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