Microphone Terrorists

In 1996, Microphone Terrorists released their first 12″ inch titled Green Paper/ Scar of Life. While there is little information about this group, “Green Paper” was produced by Randy Ousley who is now known as Vinny Idol; he now produces a lot for D-Block. “Scar of Life” was produced by Buddy Slim & Breezly Brewin of The Juggaknots. During the same year, they released their second 12″ inch titled No Food/ Hall of fame. “No Food” was also produced by Randy Ousley. NY Underground type of ish.

1.Microphone Terrorists – Green Paper
2.Microphone Terrorists – Scar of Life
3.Microphone Terrorists – No Food
4.Microphone Terrorists – Hall of Fame

Props to godmc and Ho1ogramz

–Thomas V

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    Thx man this shit is str8 DOPE!!!

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    New link, please, this one’s dead.

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