M.T. – Lord Have Mercy On My Soul

This is some hardcore, wu-tangish street rap out of New York. It was released by Profile Records in 1996. His voice is unique. You either love it or hate it. If ya like wierdo rap, this is for you. His style might have left him in obscurity, but don’t skip to the conclusion until you read the book!


01. Gotta Get Mines
02. The Ghetto
03. Neva Had Nuttin’
04. Comin’ Atchya Live
05. Criminal Killa
06. Don’t Mind Dyin’
07. Set It Off
08. Hornier
09. 22 Dead and Stinkin’
10. Scandalous Veronica
11. The Bhudda (Make Me Do Dis)
12. Kill a Nigga

Enjoy this rare tape, thanks for reading!


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