You Can Be a Daddy, But Never Daddy-O

Daddy-O from Stets? Yes… In 1993, he released his first solo album “You Can Be a Daddy, But Never Daddy-O” after Stetsasonic broke up in 1991. Now this is one of the most slept-on underrated album ever. Daddy-O handled most of the productions on this; YZ is also featured on the self-titled track. You can hear a lot of dedications on a few tracks, notably a full one dedicated to Kid Capri. There’s also the skit “Bass Knotts” which is similar to “U Mean I’m Not” by Black Sheep where they make fun of other hip-hop styles; in this case “Bass Music”.

1. Intro Joint
2. Swung It, Blunted, Brung It

3. Brooklyn Bounce
4. Dat Vs DJ

5. Kid Capri

6. Come For Mine

7. Flowin In File
8. How To Beat A Bootleg/God Don’t Like Ugly
9. Ihatefonies (The Truck Drivers Song)

10. You Can Be a Daddy, But Never Daddy-O (feat YZ)

11. Fanfare

12. Buc Buc Buk

13. East Coast Funk

14. Bass Knotts (Sunbathing On The Roof)

15. Nobody Move

16. Funky Worm Outro Joint (feat Funky Worm)



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  1. Anonymous says:

    ..i got this after hearing brooklyn bounce..I don't think I liked it. I'll give it another try. Thanks for the hook up.

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