Learning From The Rap

i’ve learned a lot of things from hip hop over the years but not much of it has had positive connotations. however, if you dig a little deeper, you can find songs that both teach AND entertain. some may call it “EDUTAINMENT”. sure, KRS pretty much holds the title in this sub genre but there are plenty of other teachers out there who also have morals to pass on to the young listeners…and it’s not always about some sweet shit either. listen and learn.


1)blackman in effect: boogie down productions
moral: learn your history and have pride in that shit
2)america: wu-tang clan
moral: wear a condom or you will probably get AIDS
3)big shots: king sun
moral: don’t get too big for your britches
4)mama’s always on stage: arrested development
moral: being a mother isn’t easy. treat your mother right
5)get a job: heather b
moral: get a job
6)the music of business: ras kass
moral: the recording industry is all sorts of fucked up. good luck with that shit.
7)the streets are a battlefield: KMC
moral: shit is mad real out there, be careful.
8)ain’t got no class: da lench mob
moral: what the fuck is wrong with you? be a parent to your children.
9)less then zero:ed o.g. and da bulldogs
moral: the hood is rough. handle your business
10)little hooker: willie d
moral: quit being a lying whore.
11)color blind: ice cube (featuring wc, coolio, da lench mob, kam king tee and threat
moral: gangs are not the move.
12)caught up in the game: da bushwackass
moral: it’s easy to get caught up in doing dirt, perhaps we should teach the young’un’s differently.


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