The Haunting – Another Homegrown Compilation

T.R.O.Y. Forum regular Godmc has been a great ally to this blog – he tirelessly contributes hard-to-find material for compilations and introduces me to great unfamiliar music all the time. He put together this compilation and has this to say about it:

just a little compilation i put together. this isn’t something i’ll be doing on the regular as i generally don’t invest myself into that type of shit; but after a long work week, i needed something to zone out to. this is for those times when you’re feeling ominous or just need to suppress and dissipate some aggression… or even when you just need an outlet after a fucked day. if nothing else, it’s a dope collection of songs that i can’t imagine any of you not enjoying. 

If that doesn’t convince you, the tracklisting should do the trick. 

1. Shanow – Remedy Man (Rugged Phat Mix) 
2. Readykill – Riverz of Blood 
3. Lord Eternal – Display Jewels 
4. Sixtoo – Annihilation 
5. Example – Slow Motion 
6. Black Anger – Violence (I Become It) 
7. Escape Artists – Soul Purpose 
8. Da Phathedz – Darkness Surrounds Me (Feat. Lord Rebel) 
9. Kool Keith – Star Wars 
10. Jam Dot – Soul Search’n (Remix) 
11. Nomaads – The Ultimate (Underground) 
12. Mood Ruff – Tunnel’s End (Feat. Roddy Rod) 
13. Rebelz of Authority – Blast Of The Iron 
14. Ruph Headz – Home Of The Crooked Men 
15. Sebutones – Multiple Organisms 
16. Drama Klub – Hear No Evil 
17. S.E.S.H. – Killa Ill 
18. B.M.X. – Microphone Microphone 
19. Myndcrukz – Verbal Acrobatics 
20. Absent Minded – Child’s Play 
21. Stigg Of The Dump – Pointing Fingers (Feat. Sebutones) 
22. The Brotherhood – Mad Headz (DJ Crystl Remix) 
23. Tekniq – Redrum 

Yet another great reason to join us at the forum.