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Here’s a couple more Wu bangers. Shabazz the Disciple got some decent hype and airplay for his first single,’Death Be the Penalty‘(see video below). But not much attention, if any, was paid to his street tale follow up,’Crime Saga‘. The intro and interlude, mentioned on the tracklisting here and on the back of the cover, are actually parts of the proceeding tracks on the mp3’s.Confusing,I know, I just don’t want you to think you’re missing something. Check for the sample and video here.
Deadly Darts(bka Box in Hand) is a Ghostface banger, featuring Method Man and Street Life, that might have been left off his Ironman album. Rza goes off on a lyrical gem droppin’ tirade on Sunshower, one of my favorite solo Rza cuts.
Fellow Troy poster, STAM, recently uploaded the ODB – Raw Hide vls, so I figured why not bless the blogosphere with that, too. This vinyl also contains the non album cut,Don’t You Know Part 2,for you completists out there. STAM also included a real dope and rare Method Man joint called Mr.Meth in that folder. Enjoy.

Crime Saga(Death Be The Penalty-The Sequel)

Physical Side: 1.Red Hook Revelations(introduction)
2.Crime Saga
4.The Last Trumpet(Interlude)
Mental Side: 1.Crime Saga Spiritualmental
2.Conscious of Sin Spiritualmental
3.Crime Saga Acapella


Side A: 1.Deadly Darts
2.Deadly Darts(instrumental)
Side B: 1.Sunshower
2. Sunshower(instrumental)

Raw Hide b/w Don’t You Know Pt.2
A-Side: 1. Raw Hide(Clean Version )
2. Don’t You Know Part 2(Clean Version)
3. Raw Hide(Clean Instrumental)
4. Don’t You Know Part 2(Clean Instrumental)
B-Side: 1. Raw Hide(Dirty Version)
2. Don’t You Know Part 2(Dirty Version)
3. Raw Hide(Dirty Instrumental)
4. Don’t You Know Part 2(Dirty Instrumental)

Download the Crime Saga and Sunshower vls’ from mediafire here and check for other Wu vls here
Thanks to STAM at Philaflava for the Ol’ Dirty vls

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