Police State Compilation (For Real This Time)

Okay, this time we’re serious. I tried this a few weeks ago and the file got corrupted (oh the irony). Suggest tracks for Volume II. Thanks to Kimani, Tommy Bunz, Ho1ogramz, Lyrical Gymnastics, godmc, and Doogie Howitzer for the assist. — Thun

Police State Compilation [Click To Downloadre-upped 4/2/12 

N.W.A. “Fuck The Police”

Hard Knocks “A Dirty Cop Named Harry”
X-Clan “F.T.P.”
The Coup “I Know You”
Kingpin Skinny Pimp “Damn Police”
Ice Cube “Ghetto Bird”
Crusaders For Real Hip Hop “Police Brutality”
Paris “Coffee, Donuts, And Death”
LL Cool J “Illegal Search”
Jay Dee “Fuck The Police”
Non-Phixion “How To Kill A Cop”
Pharcyde “Officer”
D2E Posse “Police Brutality”
Cypress Hill “Pigz”
Mobb Deep “Cop Hell” (DJ Premier Remix)
Brokin English Klik “Who’s Da Gangsta?”
Prince Paul ft. Everlast “Men In Blue”
Dr. Dre Introducing Snoop Dogg “Deep Cover”
Main Source “Just A Friendly Game Of Baseball”
Strictly Roots “Duck Da Boys”
Shyheim “Jiggy Comin'”
Blahzay Blahzay “Good Cop/Bad Cop”
Brand Nubian “Black And Blue”
Jeru The Damaja “Invasion”
Herb McGruff “East And Police”
O.C. “Constables”
Blackstract “40G’s And A 9”
KRS-One “Sound Of Da Police”

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9 Responses to “Police State Compilation (For Real This Time)”

  1. bosmann says:

    great post.. that film is fucked up though.. ACAB

  2. Abe Beame says:

    Dude, Mrs. Officer? Nah, seriously I'm sure it was either not explicit enough for the conceit or too obvious but Cell Therapy.

  3. Anonymous says:

    be sure to add J Dilla's "F*ck the Police" and Madlib's "Pigs" in the next one

  4. Anonymous says:

    Saafir's "Runnin from 5-0", Cypress Hill's "Looking through the Eyes of a Pig," CVE/Hiphop Klan's "Fuck a Cop," Geto Boys' "Crooked Officer," Atmosphere's "One," One's "Fuck the Police 2005," NWA's "Sa-Prize," the Fugees' "The Beast," Nas's "Cops Keep Firing," Jay-Z's "99 Problems," plus any number of Ice-T, Ice Cube, and 2Pac cuts circa 1991-1993. That's just top of the dome.

  5. Anonymous says:


  6. Anonymous says:

    Not to sound ungrateful, but this took like an hhour to download via DSL and then wouldn't open (invalid formatting or something).

  7. Thun says:

    Did anyone else have problems?

  8. Anonymous says:

    The archive is corrupt for me too… what gives? Re-up!

  9. T.R.O.Y. says:

    To everyone: this is a new link, it works and is not corrupted.

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