Questions Compilation, Part II

Part III will be here sooner than you think. Thanks to the following: Martin, ThomasV, Roy Johnson, Jaz, godmc, Tommy Bunz, mishk, Ho1ogramz, Verge, Jaz, Yohan. — Thun

Questions Compilation, Part II: Why Is Water Wet? [Click to Download]

Saigon “Pop Quiz”
Eazy E “No More ?s”
Da Phlayva “Why Ask Why?”
Audio Two “The Questions” (Remix)
Dagha “A Man’s Question”
Canibus “Niggonometry”
King Kirk “Fuck I Look Like”
Pete Rock ft. Royal Flush
7A3 “Why”
Lootpack “Questions”
Organized Konfusion “Questions”
Ras Kass “Interview With A Vampire”
Binkis “How Come”
Hyenas In The Desert”
MF Doom ft. Kurious “?”
L-Fudge ft. Talib Kweli, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Skam, Mike Zoot “What If”
A Tribe Called Quest “What?”
Digable Planets “Examination Of What”
Masta Ace “No Regrets”
19 Very Important Questions Posed In This Mix:
1. “Tell me exactly what the definition of player is…”
2. “How was your life as a youngster?”
3. “Who dat nigga is?”
4. “Now say that, hyopthetically, I am medically insane … why are you still my friend?”
5. “Why you wanna act so cold, lacking soul?”
6. “If you a nigga with a watch that’s iced out with enough rocks to make the hottest room temparature drop – how long will it take for you to get robbed?”
7. “What’s this … you think this is Christmas?”
8. “Do you still write rhymes?”
9. “WHY???”
10. “How many emcees do you know like this?”
11. “In hip hop, who they following? The niggas with skills or the niggas that be hollering?”
12. “On Judgement Day … is this the beginning or the ending?”
13. “How come chicks flirt with you when you’re with the love of your life, but when you’re out by yourself then your game ain’t tight?”
14. “Why me?”
15. “Who give a fuck about who?”
16. “If you tore this wicked system down, what would you build in it’s place?”
17. “What is hip hop if it doesn’t have violence?”
18. “What is really what … if your life ain’t got no spice?”
19. “Do you have any regrets?”

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