Main Source Interviews w/trivia

Large Professor


In 1991, Main Source released their debut album “Breaking Atoms”. It’s consider one of the greatest hip-hop album of all time. Main Source consisted of Large Professor, K-Cut, and Sir Scratch. “Breaking Atoms” is known for tracks like “Just Hangin’ Out”, “Looking at the Front Door”, “Just a Friendly Game of Baseball”, and “Live at the Barbecue” which is Nas’ first appearance on a hip-hop record. Large Pro left the group in 1992 because of business differences.

Large Professor was recently interviewed on Rosenberg Radio. He talked about a lot of things like production, artists he worked with, Main Source… It was great to hear what he had to say.

K-Cut was interviewed a few days ago on The Real Frequency (Toronto radio). The interview was full of trivia. For example, he said that “Snake Eyes” was directed at Eric B after Large Pro didn’t receive any money for the work he did on the “Let the Rhythm Hit Em”. He also played unreleased tracks that were supposed to be on their second album “The Science”. No more spoilers… enjoy the interviews.

–Thomas V

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