The Week That Just Passed

This week people slept on us so badly it’s downright criminal. It’s the holiday season and people are running around exhausted, but sometimes you gotta treat yourself.

Today I’m suggesting you revisit every post from the past week. Not to be on our own dicks, but we went in. Feel free to point us to a blog doing it better. — Thun

Samples/ Rare Groove
Funk Marathon – 100+ Funk Classics
Sample Compilation 5 – How DJ Premier flipped “Blacula” for KRS-One, etc.
Cal Tjader Samples – Vibraphonic goodness
Brian Bennett “Solstice Samples” – I knew that sounded familiar
Reader-Submitted Material
DJ Aystep “Get Back” – Continuous Mix of 90s classics
Nas “I Am Blends” – Nas’ acapellas + instrumentals from Godfather Don and 45 King
Soul On Ice Demo Tweaked – Ras Kass’ infamous demo, with cleaned-up audio
Definition Of The Remix – Forum regular submitted compilations of remixes
Request Line Compilation – Forum regular fulfills request for sixteen songs in one shot
T.R.O.Y. Forum Challenge: 1994 – Latest contest, centering around songs from 1994. Lots of great contenders here.
Rap Compilations From The Staff
Ego Trip Singles 1980 – The classics from the second year of recorded rap
Philly Retrospective Volume 4 – Raw Philly rap you’ve never heard before
Questions Compilation – Rap songs that pose and/or answer questions
Backpacker Tapes Volume 1 – Late 90’s backpacker vinyl-only classics
Mid-Atlantic Hip Hop Volume 2 – DC Metro/Baltimore/Tidewater/ Kakalakka joints you’ve never heard
RZA “Sunshower” – Lyrics analysis
Before They Were Stars, Pt 3 – The inauspicious debuts of Mase, Puffy, RZA, and others
Strapped – Downloadable rapper cameo-heavy HBO film from 1993
MC Shan Is Living Large – CDS singles from the Queensbridge legend