MC Shan is Livin’ Large

Almost everyone from the Juice Crew switched label in the early 90’s. MC Shan went to Livin’ Large Records just like Roxanne Shante. He first released “Hip Hop Roughneck” with the b-side “Watchin’ My Style” in 1993. I really liked the instrumental that they used for it; it’s probably going to make your head nod. Next he released his second single “Penile Reunion“; a posse cut with Kool G Rap, Neek the Exotic, Diesel, and Snow. It was produced by Kool G Rap and The Large Professor. The B-side “Don’t Call It a Comeback” is produced by Mister Cee and it contains scratches by DJ Scratch.

I also have the CD Single for both of these releases so it’s probably the best quality you will ever get them in.

MC Shan – Hip Hop Roughneck/ Watchin’ My Style
MC Shan – Penile Reunion/ Don’t Call It a Comeback

–Thomas V

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3 Responses to “MC Shan is Livin’ Large”

  1. Werner von Wallenrod says:

    Livin' Large was actually a division of Cold Chillin'.
    But yeah, I'm a fan of both those Shan singles, too. Too bad he didn't get a full album out of that material.

  2. jowhite says:

    -Yes, yes…good looks on the CD quality.
    -Solid singles and I second Werner's regrets that a full length didn't come to fruition.

  3. DJ Hullewud says:

    Wow…I have these on vinyl but have been looking for good CD quality rips for quite some…but the links are down. Any chance of a re-up?

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