Ras Kass – Soul On Ice Demo (Remastered)

You read right, this is remastered but don’t get carried away. We all know the original was recorded poorly so this is a slight improvement to help us appreciate John Austin at his finest.

“I will be stylin’ when Cali is an island
It’s my fault my shake from Brooklyn to Vegas
The earthquakes on lyrics, ya plates like San Andreas
Would be rumblin’! You’re not ready for my fly type of genre
I’ll rock your world like Ugly Wanda”

The vocals were cleaned up and the majority of the pops/clips are removed.

Props to Bad Cop for making this happen.

1. Everything I Love
2. Core Audience
3. High IQ
4. Won’t Catch me Running
5. Capital R-A-S
6. Blood Is Thicker Than Water
7. Interlude
8. Take A Deep Breath
9. Remain Anonymous
10. Take A Deep Breath (remix)
11. Walk The Walk


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