Questions Compilation, Part I

Here we have the questions. Some profound, some mundane. Part II coming very soon. Thanks to the following: Martin, ThomasV, Roy Johnson, Jaz, godmc, Tommy Bunz, mishk, Ho1ogramz, Verge, Jaz, Yohan. — Thun

Questions Compilation, Part I: “Why Is The Sky Blue?” [Click To Download]
Lootpack ft. Quasimoto “20 Questions”
Pharcyde “Y?” (Jay Dee Remix)
K-Otix “Questions”
Heltah Skeltah “Therapy”
Boogiemonsters “Altered States Of Consciousness”
People Without Shoes “If”

Labklik “Questions Why”
Danja Mowf “Question” (Remix)
Smoothe Da Hustler “Food For Thoughts”
Styles P “Listen”
MF Grimm “Scars & Memories”
Mad Kap “Questions”
The Jaz “Why?”
Boogie Down Productions “Questions And Answers” (Pal Joey Remix)
Fredro Starr “What If”
Akbar “Hip Hop Is”
Lux “Why”
Jay-Z “A Million And One Questions” (DJ Premier Remix)
Jadakiss ft. Common, Nas, Styles P “Why” (Remix)
19 Hugely Important Questions Posed In This Mix:
1. “Who you down with?”
2. “Why it’s gotta be like that?”
3. “Who’s the next overrated emcee to shine?”
4. “Did ya mama beat ya?”
5. “Two entities dwell within me; which one is thinking?”
6. “If I was a book would you read me, then trade me for a color TV?
7. “Your website said [your CD] was dope; why did it have to lie?”
8. “Who be real? Could you choose … when reality and commerciality both fuse?”
9. “Why is that people have to struggle to survive?”
10. “Can you picture us living with hope when the same ones hanging us is giving us dope?”
11. “Why is my mighty nation lost?”
12. “How ya living?”
13. “Why do millions of tons of drugs enter the country?”
14. “Why are people so stupid?”
15. “What if a Manilli Vanilli record never skipped on stage?”
16. “Where did [hip hop] come from? Where is it going?
17. “Why is corruption in this government so evident?”
18. “Is it true [Jay-Z] stayed in beef and slept with a Tec?”
19. “Why do half of America got AIDS?”

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5 Responses to “Questions Compilation, Part I”

  1. Anonymous says:

    oh did common/mosdef questions get left out here… ?

  2. Anonymous says:

    ahh.. on "Part II coming very soon" perhaps? tight comp. either way.. always checkin T.R.O.Y. daily

  3. Anonymous says:

    Didn't GhostFace ask "Why Is The Sky Blue?" why is water wet?

    4th chamber, gza

  4. Antonio says:

    Mommy, what's a Gravedigga?

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