Nas “I Am” Blends: Godfather Don vs. 45 King


A good blog is like a good blend – key ingredients in correct proportions yields nothing but flavor. And there is no better basis for a successful hip hop blog than a thriving, organic community of aficianados, vinyl pack rats, DJs, producers, and assorted hip-hop junkies. We have a real treat for you today. This one that actually escaped my notice for nearly a month, and it’s a crying shame.

“word up. never really felt most of the beats on the original of ‘I Am…’, so I got the accapellas and remixed the whole thing using beats from Godfather Don ‘Hydrabeats vol.3’ and Mark the 45 King ‘Grooves For A Quiet Storm’…only made this for fun for myself to bump, but it turned out doper than expected so I thought I’d upload, if anyones interested, peep… ” — forum regular Vaporized

Yes indeed … I Am in its commercially released form is an abomination, the malformed product of a nauseating marriage of greed and cynicism on both the artistic and business end, and it ushered in Nas’ decade-long descent into obsolescence. Vaporized took it upon himself to replace the overproduced mediocrity of the commercial release with some choice minimalist beats from Godfather Don and 45 King. Needless to say, the final product is superior to the poorly aged P.O.S. that was the commercially released version, and as resident yachtsman Drizzle suggests:
“putting shit like nas is like and you won’t see me over dark minimal godfather don beats gives a whole new shape/direction to the song and in some parts a completely different context to the lyrics.”

Word is bond and bond is life. — Thun

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6 Responses to “Nas “I Am” Blends: Godfather Don vs. 45 King”

  1. sankofa says:

    Damn near anything involving Godfather Don gets props.

  2. jamo609 says:

    How the fuck did i miss this????

  3. CheezPizza says:

    I slept on these. All fire.

  4. GinjaNinja says:

    dead link can i get a re-up

  5. Brandon says:

    re-up man, i have heard different tracks and this is dope. i cant find it anywhere.

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