Remixes, As Raw As They Come

The T.R.O.Y. Forum is thriving these days – sign up now! To give you just a brief taste of what gets served up over there on the regular, here’s a compilation of rough, rugged, dare I say raw remixes that forum regular Kimani (of Crystaline Hip Hop fame) put together for our listening enjoyment. After you sink yout teeth into this, check out the Ill Remixes thread for some more great uploads and discussion. And be on the lookout for a special T.R.O.Y. Blog series that may or may not have to do with remixes. You heard it here first. — Thun
Kimani’s Remixes Volume 3 [Click To Download]
1. Devil’s Son Remix (Big L) 1:43 Big L (ft. AG)
2. Causin A Menace (Lord Digga Remix) 4:17 Dredknotz
3. Slow Down (Waterfall Remix) [Brand Nubian] 5:48 Frankenstein
4. I Keep My Palm On The Handle (Remix) 4:18 Herb McGruff
5. Monopolize (Remix) 3:50 Concrete Mob
6. Rugged Neva Smoove (Dirty Remix) 5:08 M.O.P.
7. Meat Grinder (Four Tet Remix) 2:07 Madvillain
8. Come Off Hard (Remix) 5:03 Mr. Voodoo
9. Livin’ For The City (Remix) 3:08 Rakim
10. Who Got My Back (ft. Method Man & Treach) (Remix) 4:09 Trends Of Culture
11. Shadows (Terrorists Remix) 5:05 Munk Wit Da Funk
12. Bring It On Remix 4:14 Organized Konfusion
13. Checkin Down The Menu (Remix) 3:52 Ruggedness Maddrama
14. Take A Deep Breath (Remix) 5:00 Ras Kass
15. Hellraiser (Remix) 3:40 Beatnuts
16. It Ain’t Hard To Tell (Prod. Incise) 2:47 NaS
17. Off & On (Lord Finesse Remix) 4:32 Trends Of Culture

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  1. thomasv says:

    "I’m genuine like gucci, raw like sushi"

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