The Request Line Compilation by Ho1ogramz

When you’re a member in a community as vibrant as the T.R.O.Y. Forum, the process by which requests are filled is never complicated. After newcomer Foobar requested sixteen random tracks, forum regular Ho1ogramz came through and fulfilled all of the requests, zipping them into a single file less than six hours after the initial post was made. Turns out it’s a nice little eclectic compilation, and now you can all enjoy it. — Thun

The Request Line Compilation [Click To Download]
– Tragedy [Feat. Mobb Deep & Extra P] “Funk mode” [25 II Life Entertainment – ?]
– Nas “It ain’t hard to tell (Extra P remix)” [Columbia – 1994]
– Muro [Feat. A.G.] “Vinyl Athletes” [Incredible – 2000]
– Pete Rock & CL Smooth “Mecca & the soul brother – Wig Out Mix” [Elektra – 1991]
– MC Shan “The Bridge” [Bridge Records – 1986]
– Unity Committee & Rebels of Rhythm [aka Jurassic 5] “Unified rebelution” [Chemical Storage Facility – 1994]
– KMD [Feat. Brand Nubian & LONS] “Nitty gritty – dog spelled backwards mix” [Elektra -1991]
– Diamond D “Best kept secret – 45 King remix” [Mercury – 1993]
– Ultramagnetic MC’s “Ego trippin” [Next Plateau – 1986]
– De La Soul [Feat. A Tribe Called Quest] “Shocking female MC’s” [Tommy Boy – 1994]
– Funky Fresh Few [Feat. Afu Ra] “Hip hop Running through these veins” [Grand Central – 1996]
– Mobb Deep “Temperature’s rising – original and unreleased version” [Loud – 1995]
– D.I.T.C. [Feat. Diamond D & A.G.] “Put it in the system” [Next Level – 1998]
– Pete Rock & CL Smooth “We specialize” [Elektra / EastWest Japan – 1996]
– Show & A.G. “You know now – Buckwild remix” [PayDay – 1995]
– Biz Markie [Feat. T.J. Swan] “Make the music with your mouth, Biz” [PRISM – 1986]

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    Wish i knew a girl who had her taste in music *dreamin*

  3. A fantastic cup of coffee is the only thing that could make this blog better.

  4. I’ve never ever read anything better!

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    Don’t go sniffing that too much!

  6. I’m not a big fan of sauce.

  7. I never knew pants came in so many different colors!

  8. Don’t forget the grilled onions!

  9. Way to go Edward. This blog is amazing!

  10. No one can ever say this site is boring!

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    Would you like some popcorn?

  12. These two are some real messy eaters!

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