Sample Compilation 5

What you need to look out for here is how Blacula was chopped for “Higher Level.” A beat only one of the greatest ears for samples could have caught. After that, check the gem by Myndcrukz featuring Twizz on the rhymes. Great,warm sample taken from the Bennie Maupin track. Bennie Maupin was a part of Herbie Hancock’s famous “The Headhunters” band, known for their own brand of Funk Jazz. We finish this comp/mix out with a great end piece including Faze-O‘s “Riding High” on heroin highway. I always thought that EPMD‘s sampling of it was way ahead of it’s time, and it’s been used many times since.But my other favorite usage, that also works well here, is OC’s outro,“Sabotage” from his incredible debut album Word … Life.

01. Milt Jackson – Enchanted Lady

02. De La Soul – Dinninit
03. Large Professor – I Juswannachill
04. Blue Mitchell – Flat Backing
05. Akinyele(ft.Kool G Rap) – Break A Bitch Neck
06. Lucien – From A Town Called Paris
07. The Mad Lads – The Promises Of Yesterday
08. Cappadonna – 97 Mentality
09. Gene Page – Blacula Strikes
10. KRS-One – Higher Level
11. Bennie Maupin – It Remains To Be Seen
12. Myndcrukz(Twizz) – Remember The Face
13. Faze-O – Riding High
14. EPMD – Please Listen To My Demo
15. OC – Outro(Sabotage)
Preview any or all of these tracks here-

Download this comp from sharebee here
Or download this compilation in 2 parts from mediafire,here and here

                      Akinyele – I Luh Her

Thanks to godmc for the Myndcrukz song and FatFaceFreddy for the Lucien track
If anybody got any of those Twizz cuts that Bobbito used to play, holla in the comments.
Especially looking for Spaceman Spif and Forever Ever.

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