Tim Dog on Yo! MTV Raps

Tim Dog, a Bronx emcee, wasn’t too happy when the West Coast went popular with artists such as NWA, DJ Quik, and Compton’s Most Wanted. His first album “Penicillin On Wax”, one of the hardest album ever released, contained tracks like “Fuck Compton,” “Step To Me,” and a few skits dissing Compton and their artists.

One day on Yo MTV Raps, Tim Dog was invited to perform his second single “Step To Me”; but Tim Dog didn’t care and started to diss everybody before performing. Ed Lover was going to introduce the next video which happened to be NWA but Tim Dog took the mic and he introduced it himself. You can probably figure out what he did… Finally, he performed “Step To Me” which was as hard as “Fuck Compton”. You’ll never see something like that on TV ever again.

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–Thomas V

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