My Favorite Things

my favorite things

Beats are very important. obviously, i’m biased but for every jaw dropping verse i’ve heard, there is an equally mind blowing beat. whenever i’ve had to do press i often have been asked “who are your influences?” while this is the gayest question anyone could ask, it’s a valid enough question. my answer is never one name, cause in all honesty, there isn’t one producer that i’ve modeled myself after. the answer is more an era. luckily for me, this blog is pretty much all about that era. so, here’s two compilations of beats I love. you’ll noticed i’ve omitted many of the best producers. this is more cause i wouldn’t know where to begin with their vast catalogues. so no disrespect to primo, showbiz, diamond d, large professor and dr dre (who are all pretty much my idols) but i wanted to go in a little bit of a different direction with these mixes. enjoy.

My favorite beats:
east coast:
1)who’s whylin’?: da bushwackass (produced by paul pinnock)
2)bless ya life: K.G.B. (prduced by 4th disciple)
3)romeo: superlover cee and casanova rud (produced by casanova rud)
4)the gimmicks: real live (produced by K-def)
5)my cheating days are over: rich nice (produced by marley marl)
6)thoughts of a negro: hard knocks (the spear chuckers)
7)what-u-saying?: money boss players (produced by minnasota)
8)pushin’ orbits:sub-conscious (produced by dj soem)
9)what a niggy know (remix) : KMD (self produced)
10)repetition: siah (self produced)
11)rough enough: freddie foxxx (self produced)
12)ghetto instinct: da king and I (produced by majesty)
13)well of a 1000 souls: The A-teem (produced by trackmasterz)
14)k sera sera: justin warfield (produced by prince paul)
15)latee rocks the bells: latee (produced by the 45 king)

Non-triboro mix:
1)l’chemy: l’roneous (produced by dj zeph)
2)return of the crazy one: digital underground (produced by the D-flow production squad)
3)at the speed of life: xzibit (produced by thayod auser)
4)synopsis: erule (produced by king born allah
5)4-deep: threat (produced by dj pooh)
6)your ass got took: scarface (produced by crazy c)
7)no disrespect: young bleed (da crime lab)
8)8 point agenda remix: latyrx (produced by the herbaliser)
9)can-u-feel-me?:saafir (produced by jay-z)
10)in 20 minutes: extra prolific (produced by a-plus)
11)god’s bathroom floor:atmosphere (produced by stress)
12)after dark: pep love (produced by domino)
13)karma: Mood (produced by hi-tek)
14)the guidelines: aceyalone (produced by mumbles)
15)wake up show anthem: everyone on earth (produced by joe quixx)


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