Big L Rarities – VLS Style

T.R.O.Y. Forum regular TheBigSleep also happens to host one of the most specialized blogs in all the rap blogosphere, Big L Rarities. Given his penchant for the late Lamont Coleman’s rare material, TheBigSleep’s digital collection of most of Big L’s vinyl singles in mp3 format is not surprising. Take advantage of his generosity and build your collection up. If you have any of the missing singles, do the right thing and spread the love. Oh and another thing – the Big L entry at Wikipedia is HOT GARBAGE. Somebody needs to get on that, his legacy deserves better treatment. — Thun

Devil’s Son (192 CBR)


Devil’s Son
Devil’s Son (Instrumental)

Put It On / Danger Zone (256 CBR)


Put It On ft. Kid Capri (Dirty)
Put It On (Instrumental)
Put It On (L.G. Remix)
Put It On (L.G. Remix Instrumental)
Danger Zone

MVP (192 CBR)


MVP (Dirty)
MVP (Instrumental)
MVP (Clean)
MVP (A capella)
MVP ft. Miss Jones (Summer Smooth Mix Dirty)
MVP (Summer Smooth Mix Instrumental)
MVP ft. Miss Jones (Summer Smooth Mix Clean)
MVP ft. Miss Jones (Summer Smooth Mix A capella)

Street Struck (192 CBR)


Street Struck
Street Struck (Instrumental)

American Dream / Harlem USA (VBR)


American Dream (Dirty)
American Dream (Clean)
American Dream (A capella)
Harlem USA (Uptown Version)
Harlem USA (Harlem Version)
Harlem USA (Harlem Version) (Clean)

Work is Never Done / Larger Than Life (192 CBR)


Work is Never Done ft. N.O.T.S. Click
(N.O.T.S. Click) Larger Than Life

Ebonics / Size ‘em Up (192 CBR)


Ebonics (Clean)
Ebonics (Instrumental)
Ebonics (Dirty)
Size ‘em Up (Clean)
Size ‘em Up (Instrumental)
Size ‘em Up (Dirty)

Manchild / Furious Anger (192 CBR)


(Shyheim) Manchild (Clean)
(Shyheim) Manchild (Dirty)
Furious Anger ft. Shyheim (Clean)
Furious Anger ft. Shyheim (Dirty)
Furious Anger (Instrumental)

Flamboyant / On the Mic (192 CBR)


Flamboyant (Clean)
Flamboyant (Dirty)
Flamboyant (Instrumental)
Flamboyant (A capella)
On the Mic (Clean)
On the Mic (Dirty)
On the Mic (Instrumental)
On the Mic (A capella)

Deadly Combination (192 CBR)


Deadly Combination ft. 2Pac Shakur & The Notorious B.I.G. (Clean)
Deadly Combination ft. 2Pac Shakur & The Notorious B.I.G. (Dirty)
Deadly Combination (Instrumental)
Nigga Please

Platinum Plus / Still Here (192 CBR)


Platinum Plus ft. Big Daddy Kane (Clean)
Platinum Plus ft. Big Daddy Kane (Dirty)
Platinum Plus (Instrumental)
Still Here ft. C-Town (Clean)
Still Here ft. C-Town (Dirty)
’98 Freestyle Pt. 2

Raw and Ready / Chase Game (VBR)


Raw and Ready ft. Party Arty (Clean)
Raw and Ready ft. Party Arty (Dirty)
Raw and Ready (Instrumental)
(O.C. & A.G.) Chase Game (Clean)
(O.C. & A.G.) Chase Game (Dirty)
Chase Game (Instrumental)

Still Here / Flamboyant Remix (192 CBR)


Still Here ft. C-Town (Dirty)
Still Here (Instrumental)
Flamboyant Jay Dee Remix (Dirty)
Flamboyant Jay Dee Remix (Instrumental)

Day One (192 CBR)


Day One (Dirty)
Day One (Clean)
Day One (Instrumental)

Day One Remix (VBR)


Day One (Remix)
Day One (Remix Instrumental)
Day One (Original)

Dignified Soldiers / Themes, Dreams & Schemes (VBR)


Dignified Soldiers (Remix Clean)
Dignified Soldiers (Remix Dirty)
Dignified Soldiers (Remix Instrumental)
Dignified Soldiers (Dirty)
(A.G., The Ghetto Dwellaz & O.C.) Themes, Dreams & Schemes (Clean)
(A.G., The Ghetto Dwellaz & O.C.) Themes, Dreams & Schemes (Dirty)
Themes, Dreams & Schemes (Instrumental)
Dignified Soldiers (Instrumental)

Internationally Known / The Enemy (VBR)


Internationally Known (Clean)
Internationally Known (Dirty)
Internationally Known (Instrumental)
The Enemy (Clean)
The Enemy (Dirty)
The Enemy (Instrumental)

Still missing:

We Got This / The Heist
Holdin’ It Down
Ya Better Recognize / Thorough Fam
Harlem N.Y.C.
Party Over Here
Can’t Go Wrong / Dangerous
Dangerous / M.U.G. / War Games
All Love
We All Can’t Ball
Way of Life
You Know What I’m About / Yes You May Remix
Get Yours / Where You At?

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8 Responses to “Big L Rarities – VLS Style”

  1. Jon says:

    ah the yes u may remix is a must, too bad its missing and my lord finesse 12" is shot to hell. thx for the upload tho. happy t-day.

  2. bigsd says:

    oh man, your blog is hot. thnx for dat phat great post. thnx for big l…keep doin´ your thing.
    regards from germany

  3. Jaz says:

    Ill post, there was only one Big L, I have been listening to his first album a lot.

  4. The Big Sleep says:

    Well happy thanksgiving to me. As a PhilaFlava member and daily T.R.O.Y. blog viewer, seeing my name, site and post on here is surreal to say the least. Thanks a bunch for spreading it around, I’ve hoped that I have something worthy of contributing for a while now and I’m proud to make the cut, this collection has been years in the making.

    There’s more on the way too, I’ve been in contact with DJ Mike Nice for a while and he’s been providing info and material, him as well as a few select other people.

    In the Weekly Request Thread (#4) Tapehead upped the O.C. Can't Go Wrong single so I updated my site.

    Can’t Go Wrong / Dangerous (192 CBR)


    (O.C.) Can’t Go Wrong (Remix) ft. Changing Faces
    (O.C.) Can’t Go Wrong
    Dangerous the Sequel (Instrumental)
    (O.C.) Can’t Go Wrong (Instrumental)
    (O.C.) Dangerously Makin’ Money ft. Lord Tariq, Peter Gunz & Fat Man Scoop
    Dangerous the Sequel ft. Big L & The Lost Boyz
    Dangerous ft. Big L

    I also found a supposed Party Over Here link but it's password protected with no hint of what the password might be. Any help there would be greatly appreciated. Here's the link: http://www.mediafire.com/?0snfjljtmgk

  5. Swann says:

    @The Big Sleep

    pw for that is most likely http://time4sumaksion.blogspot.com

    I got a couple of those Big L 12's that are missing.
    Get Yours / Where You At?
    Dangerous / M.U.G. / War Games :::maybe?:::
    We Got This / The Heist

  6. The Big Sleep says:

    @ Swann, thanks, the password actually is time4sumaksion (which I thought I tried before but maybe I fucked up).


    Party Over Here (192 CBR)


    (Lord Finesse) Party Over Here (Remix Version)
    (Lord Finesse) Party Over Here (Album Version)
    (Lord Finesse) Party Over Here (Remix Instrumental)
    (Lord Finesse) Party Over Here (Clean Version)
    Yes You May ft. Big L (Funk Flow Mix)
    Yes You May Remix (Instrumental)

    Can you somehow up/link me to the couple L singles you have, by chance? Because that would be amazing.

    Also before Invincible Bully Inc. went private/invite only I requested a possible reup of the Ras Kass H20 Proof VLS and/or instrumental, I could only find it on your blog, it’s from September of last year. So if it got put up again I can’t see it and if not, do you/does someone you know have that beat/vinyl rip still? It’s nowhere to be found. Thanks again, peace.

  7. The Big Sleep says:

    Another addition. Here's:

    Full Clip / Work Remix (VBR)


    (Gangstarr) Full Clip (Instrumental)
    (Gangstarr) Full Clip Remix ft. Sticky Fingaz
    Work Remix (Instrumental)
    Work Remix ft. Big L

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