P.H.A. – VLS and Samples

P.H.A. – Don’t Take Time b/w Absorbtion, I Don’t Know(I Can’t Say)

Not much is out there about this crew except for what’s written on the record label. Lyrics by Granz,Wise Kabar,and Lord. Production by Omne. Co-produced and cuts by J.C. Lincoln.From discogs,it looks like they had a promo sometime before this and a joint in 1999.

Don’t Take Time” is the A side. Omne loops up an ill sample from “Here And Now” by The Headhunters. Rhymes are decent on this,too. More smooth,intelligent type ish. Beatwise,the B side,”Absorbtion” might be the gem here .I’m NOT positive,but it sounds like he sampled the same song,”Rite of Spring“, that Large Pro used for “One + One” with Nas. Sounds like he put the note variations on the intro sample. But the piece that comes in at 00:54 seconds is what gives it replay value to me.
Released in 1997 on PHA Records
A1 Don’t Take Time(street)
A2 Don’t Take Time(radio)
A3 Don’t Take Time(inst.)
B1 Absorbtion
B2 Absorbtion(inst.)
B3 I Don’t Know(I Can’t Say)
Download the VLS and everything else from this post here

EDITED 12/13/09: I didn’t realize before but PHA’s other single was posted here, if your interested.
And more with their involvement here. And also, they’re apparently from Philly.

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