Ghetto Music Volume I

Rap’s obsession with the ghetto is well-documented, but even so it is interesting to hear how the ghetto fuunctions both as a metphor for stifling oppression and a beloved place brimming with hope and potential. Suggest songs for a second volume, and enjoy! — Thun

Ghetto Music Volume I [Click To Download]

Eric B. & Rakim “In The Ghetto”
J-Rock “Ghetto Law”
Black Sheep “Still In The Ghetto” – [click here to read my lyrics analysis]
Pete Rock & CL Smooth “Ghettoes Of The Mind”
Coolio “Ghetto Cartoon”
Lost Boyz “Straight From Da Ghetto”
YZ “So Far (The Ghetto’s Been Good To Me)”
Poor Righteous Teachers “Ghetto We Love”
Da King & I “Ghetto Instinct”
Dead Prez “Ghetto Youths”
Dr. Dre “Lil’ Ghetto Boy”
Main One “Birth Of The Ghetto Child”
Hard Knocks “Ghetto Love”
Hard 2 Obtain “Ghetto Diamond (Remix)”
De La Soul “Ghetto Thang”

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