The Mad Scientist – VLS, Samples, and a "Who Flipped It Better?" Battle

The Large Professor – The Mad Scientist b/w Spacey,Listen(Blast Off)

A1 The Mad Scientist(Street Version)
A2 The Mad Scientist(Clean)
A3 The Mad Scientist(Instrumental)
B1 Spacey(Street Version)
B2 Spacey(Clean)
B3 Listen(Blast Off)

Classic 12″ single freshly ripped from vinyl @ 320kbps.

1st off,here’s Large Pro’s signature spacey sound that’s used on “Listen(Blast Off)“, as well as on other Extra P produced cuts(i.e. “Ultimate“). And here’s the other space sound he used on this and some other tracks(i.e.”Hard“).
The singing at the very end is Stark Reality’s “Comrades“.
For “Spacey“,LP proves his rhyme,”..and I betcha,the one who claims he’s the best can’t catch a beat like I catch it cause it’s downright wretched..”.See if you can catch all the pieces he chopped from this. This is an art form that people who dis hip hop as a musical form always overlook. Fuck’em.
Lastly, I’m gonna leave yall with something to leave a comment about. On his latest album, Pete Rock used the same sample for “The PJ’s” as LP did for “The Mad Scientist”. Except, the Chocolate Boy Wonder used several other samples and really went all out with it. I can’t front, I’m more of an LP fan and his version is more of a head nodder to me. But the complexity and just plain smoothness in Pete’s work is flawless. Build in the comments.
              Large Pro ’96 vs. Pete Rock ’07
                          The Mad Scientist
Download VLS here
Download the samples and Large Pro vs. Pete Rock here  

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3 Responses to “The Mad Scientist – VLS, Samples, and a "Who Flipped It Better?" Battle”

  1. qnzgrimiest says:

    thats really hard to choose, but y'all forgot maaad crew by red and meth, i feel like they flipped nice too, but if i had to choose i would pick the pete rock joint

  2. verge says:

    ^^Yea,it's a tough choice.I might have to go with Pete Rock,too,for how deep and layered that shit is.Here's the Eric Sermon laced "Maaad Crew" if anyone needs it.

  3. DJ says:

    I'm 'Mad Scientist' all the way! I always dug how Extra P added the strings from the intro of Bohannon's 'Save Their Souls' to the Dave Mathews Sample. Simpel yet effective! Classic!

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