Last Episode of Yo! MTV Raps

I’m sure everybody has seen this classic freestyle session at least once. The freestyle was cut into two parts. The first part had Rakim, Krs One, Erick Sermon, Chubb Rock, and MC Serch. After the commercial, they came back with Redman, Method Man, Large Pro, Special Ed, and Craig Mack. You can also see Rampage the Last Boy Scout in the crowd; I don’t know why he didn’t appear on the freestyle. Dj Skribble was on the turntables. They rhymed over the instrumentals of It’s My Thing, Mad Izm, and Real Hip Hop(Pete Rock Remix). I’ve always loved it when Erick Sermon is rapping and the beat switches to “Real Hip Hop”.

Part 1
Part 2

–Thomas V

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2 Responses to “Last Episode of Yo! MTV Raps”

  1. Brandan E. says:

    im glad i have this episode in its entireity!! Ill never forget it!!
    the illest cipher of all-time!!
    KRS rocked it!
    Rakim did his thing!
    MC Serch killed it as well!!
    Meth & Red ripped it!! Meth's verse was hyped!!
    Erick Sermon always rip down mics!
    but my man Craig Mack was fully animated when he did his!!
    props to Ed Lover cause his verse was ill as well!!
    This was history folks, these days of hip-hop are long gone, please take time and reminisce!

  2. Yohan says:

    I love it how you point out the beat switch on Erick Sermon's verse. That was my favourite part of the freestyles.

    I loved Red & Meth as well, but to be honest, I didn't really feel Craig Mack, and I always thought Rakim didn't give his best effort (don't know why though).

    There are some other things going on in the videos that always make me laugh. Good you put me on this, I'll be putting this on my Ipod right away.

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