Looks Like A Blog For…

The most underrated BDK album and one of the most underrated albums in general. This has production by Trackmasterz, Large Professor and Easy Moe Bee and Kane flipping his machine gun flow and every track. Highlights include How You Get A Record Deal, Looks Like A Job For, Niggaz Never Learn, and Nuff Respect remix.

Apart from his debut, this is his most consistent effort…


1. Looks Like a Job For…
2. How U Get a Record Deal?
3. Chocolate City
4. Prelude
5. The Beef Is On
6. Stop Shammin’
7. Brother Man, Brother Man
8. Rest in Peace
9. Very Special
10. Here Comes Kane, Scoob and Scrap
11. Niggaz Never Learn
12. Give It to Me
13. Nuff Respect
14. Finale


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2 Responses to “Looks Like A Blog For…”

  1. P M X says:

    philaflav's so dope I had to dedicate my blog to the redirect…

    we still get 600+ hits a day over @ Its Coming Out Of Your Speaker, but basically ran out of hi-grade from posting all the good shit….

    Plz keep doin what you're doing – hopefully my redirect will send some flow your way…. from dc w/ love.


  2. hotbox says:

    I was saying the same thing to my boy last week. . .this is the best BDK joint in my opinion.

    This is the most awesome blog ever. . .just discovered this 2 days ago.

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