Drug Music (w/new links)

while to topic of weed has been thoroughly covered in hip hop, the other drugs often get looked over. be it a positive view of them or a negative take, drugs like mushrooms, acid, coke , pcp, ecstasy, and of course alcohol have all had their shine in hip hop . so here are two mixes. one shows the good side and the other shows the bad side. admittedly, the line does get blurry on a few of these but you get the idea.

oh, and on a side note, i was searching for songs about heroin use but , apparently, rappers not named B.G. don’t do it…or at least they don’t discuss it. any one who knows of hip hop songs regaling in heroin use, please point me in the right direction.

Drugs are bad:
1)40 0z. for breakfast: blackalicious
2)I need drugs: necro
3)defective trip: gravediggaz
4)ever so clear: bushwick bill
5)Livin’ in da bottle: brothers uv da blackmarket
6)1 million bottle bags: public enemy
7)shroomz: xzibit
8)smokin amp: gangsta nip
9)my fault: eminem
10)stay out of bars: the genius
11)drink away the pain: mobb deep
12)ballad of worms:cage

Drugs are good:
1)alcoholic vibes: lord seer
2)puffin on blunts and drinkin on tanqueray: dr. dre and friends
3)drink at the bar: YZ
4)B-boys on acid: justin warfield
5)ride the white horse: dub-l featuring jemini the gifted one
6)mushroom talk: rumpletilskinz
7)hip hop drunkies: the alkaholiks feat. ODB
8)sunny meadowz: del the funkee homosapian
9)crazy drunken style: masta ace inc.
10)hennessy & xtc: big tymers
11)fuck drink bear and smoke some shit: the beatnuts

Bonus fun: all the old st. ides ads…featuring, king tee, ice cube, rakim, kool g rap and tons of others. (special shout out to Jaz for the link to this):

shout outs to thun, zodiak illa, verge, ho1ogramz and vinyl pops for the ideas….


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