My Uzi Weighs 66 Sextillion Tons

Self Scientific

MC Chace Infinite and Dj Khalil make up this ill LA bred duo.They’re most known for their anthemic independent single,”Return“, from 1998. But they had quite a few other notable songs besides that and dropped their first full length album,”The Self Science,“in 2001. Dj Khalil’s beats lead one to think that he probably has a really dope record collection, rare Latin grooves in particular. I still don’t know what he sampled on most of his songs.And Chace Infinite drops gems on everything found here. The first line on “Sublevel Dominance” shows the depth of lyricism that Chace brings. “My uzi weighs 66 sextillion tons and rotates around the Sun, I represent the light.”
Here’s a ten track folder of some choice material by them,from singles and the album, from the years 1997 to 2001.Stand out cuts include “Degrees”,”Sublevel Dominance”,and “Evergreen”.
Download 10 track Mediafire folder here
Check their discog here, check their myspace here

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