The Vinyl Frontier

Straight out of the dungeons of the T.R.O.Y. forum. Props to Kimani, Bossman, and Vinyl Pops for the uploads. –Thun

Pretty Tone Capone – Across 110th Street/Sexy/Marked 4 Death VLS
A1 Across 110th Street (Original Version) 3:34
A2 Sexy (Original Version) 3:59
A3 Marked 4 Death 5:45
B1 Sexy (Radio Remix) 3:39
B2 Across 110th Street (Uptown Radio Version) 4:37
B3 Across 110th Street (Downtown Radio Version) 4:30


Pop Da Brown Hornet – Black On Black Crime/GP Connection VLS
A1 Black On Black Crime (Radio Version)
A2 Black On Black Crime (Instrumental)
B1 G.P. Connection (Radio Version)
B2 G.P. Connection (Street Version)
B3 G.P. Connection (Instrumental)

For my analysis of the lyrics of “Black On Black Crime” click here.

Triflicts – Genuine/Don’t Make Me Try VLS
A1 Genuine (Street Mix)
B1 Genuine (Clean Mix
A3 Genuine (Instrumental
A4 Genuine (Acapella)
B1 Don’t Make Me Try (Main Pass)
B2 Don’t Make Me Try (Clean Mix)
B3 Don’t Make Me Try (Instrumental)
B4 Don’t Make Me Try (Acapella)

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3 Responses to “The Vinyl Frontier”

  1. admiral says:

    Those Pretty Tone Capone joints are excellent. Good post

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  2. toilet says:

    is that pic from a record shop in Cardiff? It looks familiar.

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  3. glenrod says:

    is there any way that someone could re-up pretty tone accross 110th street?, or just the uptown and downtown radio versions as i have been looking for them for ages. would be greatly appreciated.

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