Paul C. Lives


01. Intro
02. Atom Main Source
03. Line for Line Freak L
04. Sex, Sex, And More Sex Spicey Ham
05. Girls I Got ’em Locked Super Lover Cee & Casanova Rud
06. The Ghetto Eric B. & Rakim
07. Listen To The Man Kev-E-Kev & Ak-B
08. Its My Turn Stezo
09. We’re Back Y’all Freddy B and the Mighty Mic Masters
10. God Made Me Funky Too Poetic
11. Time To Get Paid Heartbeat Brothers
12. Go G. Whiz Captain G. Whiz
13. A Thing Named Kim Biz Markie
14. Comin’ in the House Mikey D and the LA Posse
15. Interlude
16. Give The Drummer Some Ultramagnetic MC’s
17. Ladies First Queen Latifah Feat Monie Love
18. Got To Get Paid Live ‘n’ Effect Posse
19. Cooling One Day Simply II Positive (Organized Konfusion)
20. Stop The World Black, Rock & Ron
21. Louder Sport “G” & Mastermind
22. Pelon 360 Degrees
23. Can’t Get Enough Black By Demand
24. Outro

Be on the look-out for Vol 2. featuring music from Phase & Rhythm, MC Outloud, The Rangers, Double Dose, Marauder And The Fury, G Dane, Star Child & The Disco Twins, Double Delight & DJ Slice Nice, Ultimate Choice, Princess Ivory, Rappers on A Mission, Mic Professah and Grandmaster Caz.

Enjoy the mixtape!


DJ Kid Grebo of Blakplanit


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2 Responses to “Paul C. Lives”

  1. alex says:

    oh, shit, thank you so much for this. as another white boy (like paul), i definitely get tired of seeing white folk inordinately hyped for their contributions to hiphop. but paul c was a pioneer indeed, and deserves every bit of light shone on him. while he's well known amongst music geeks & "Real HipHop Heads," he's still underrepped for how much inventiveness he brought to hiphop during perhaps its most vibrant time musically. thanks again, y'all are killing it on this blog.

  2. TwiceDown says:

    Thanks for the history lesson. I appreciate what your doing with this blog. Keep it coming.

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