Searching For The Perfect Beat: Early 90s Edition

Early 90s Edition

1. King Tee – Ruff Rhyme (Instrumental)
2. Def Jef – Black To The Future Remix (Instrumental)
3. Red Hot Lover Tone – D.I.Y.M. (Instrumental)
4. Kid Capri – Joke’s On You Jack Remix (Instrumental)
5. Almighty And KD Ranks – Lyrics In A This (Instrumental)
6. ED OG & Da Bulldogs – I Got To Have It (Instrumental)
7. Paris – Days Of Old (Instrumental)
8. Almighty RSO – One In Tha Chamba (Instrumental)
9. Ed OG & Da Bulldogs – Less Than Zero (Instrumental)
10. KMD – Peachfuzz (Instrumental)
11. 3rd Bass – 3 Strikes 5000 (Instrumental)
12. Downtown Science – This Is A Visit (Instrumental)
13. Downtown Science – This Is A Visit Remix (Instrumental)
14. Donald D – Hell Raiser (Instrumental)
15. Tim Dog – Fuck Compton (Instrumental)

King Tee track: Produced by DJ Pooh
Def Jef track: Produced by The Dust Brothers
Red Hot Lover Tone track: Produced by The Trackmasters
Kid Capri track: Produced by Kid Capri
Almighty And KD Ranks track: Produced by Tony D
Ed OG tracks: Produced by Joe Mansfield
Paris track: Produced by Paris
Almighty RSO track: Produced by DJ Deff Jeff & Ray Dog
KMD track: Produced by KMD
3rd Bass track: Produced by The SD50s
Downtown Science tracks: Produced by Sam Sever
Donald D track: Produced by Afrika Islam
Tim Dog track: Produced by Ced Gee

Pictured: Afrika Islam

–Roy Johnson

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