DJ Spinna: Instrumental Review

When you think of dope producers from the late 90s, DJ Spinna’s name should immediately come to mind, but chances are that it won’t, as his clientele consisted primarily of mediocre crews like the Jigmastas, Old World Disorder, NOTS Click, etc. Luckily, just about all of Spinna’s best tracks have been released in instumental format.

Here are some of my personal favorites. Drop me a line in the comments field and let me know which beat you’re feeling the most. I’d have to go with “Never Minded”. A good 2/3 of these beats are elite-level in my estimation, though. It’s really hard to choose.

Basement Khemists – I’m Doin’ Ya (Instrumental)

Basement Khemists – Joc Max Preface (Instrumental)

Basement Khemists – Vibrate (Instrumental)

Chopp Master Flopp – Peetie Swei (Instrumental)

Das Efx – Microphone Master Remix (Instrumental)

De La Soul – Stakes Is High Remix (Instrumental)

DJ Spinna – Speed (Instrumental)

IG Off & Hazardous – In The Air (Instrumental)

IG Off & Hazardous – The Nicest (Instrumental)

IG Off & Hazardous – Street Serenade (Instrumental)

IG Off & Hazardous – This Ain’t Livin’ (Instrumental)

J-Live – Braggin’ Writes Remix (Instrumental)

J-Live – Satisfied (Instrumental)

J-Live – True School Anthem (Instrumental)

Jigmastas – Across The Globe (Instrumental)

Jigmastas – Hip Hop (Instrumental)

Jigmastas – Semi-Precious (Instrumental)

Jigmastas – Thief’s Theme (Instrumental)

L Fudge – What If (Instrumental)

Mr. Akil – How MCs Do It (Instrumental)

Mr. Complex – Why Dontcha (Instrumental)

Network Reps – Simplistic (Instrumental)

NOTS Click – World Renown (Instrumental)

Old World Disorder – Never Minded (Instrumental)

Old World Disorder – Shyhalude (Instrumental)

Old World Disorder – Wasted (Instrumental)

Rise – Do You Know Him (Instrumental)

Sir Menelik – 7XL (Instrumental)

Sir Menelik – Space Cadillac Remix (Instrumental)

Sir Menelik – Terror Works (Instrumental)

Wizdom Life – Mad About You (Instrumental)

Here are all of the instrumental tracks in two mediafire folders:


–Roy Johnson

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