da great diety dah

Da great diety dah is an mc from Washington Dc. He was one of the more prolific rappers to come from the district during the mid 90’s. I believe this is his 1st release. This was put out in 1996. It’s a pretty dope piece of dc hip hop so if you haven’t heard him check it out. Supremely understated and altogether solid music.

da great diety dah – life or death ep


01 da great deity dah – life or death
02 da great deity dah – life or death (hades mix)

03 da great deity dah – dapper a nappy headed underground rapper

04 da great deity dah – mind skills

05 da great deity dah – middle passage

06 da great deity dah – how to author a great rhyme

07 da great deity dah – live freestyle at flava 1580

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