Songs that sample David McCallum’s The Edge

While Dr. Dre made this sample famous for The Next Episode, there are a handful of other artists who have either sampled other parts of the song or flipped it themselves. I think every one of these is dope in their own right, and who doesn’t feel their head nodding when the stacatto strings walk up and down the track or when the lush flute solo appears? David Axelrod, who produced the original track, continues to be the most sampled artist in rap behind only James Brown.

I think the Death Letter remix is my favorite of these – “Nozzles aimed at your nostrils” has made it into my daily vernacular. Drop a comment on who feel did the best job with the sample.

David McCallum – The Edge

Dr. Dre feat. Snoop Dogg and Nate Dogg – Next Episode

Scaramanga feat. Scholarwise – Death Letter remix

Tash – Fallin’ On

Missin’ Linx – MIA

Masta Ace – No Regrets


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5 Responses to “Songs that sample David McCallum’s The Edge”

  1. Krisch says:

    My favorite is Missin Linx, which also came out before Next Episode.

    The Masta Ace Song is also nice, but samples another section of the song.

  2. bosmann says:

    i like that tash one.. accept the intro haha

  3. Blacktop says:

    never mind, I think I was thinking of the missin linx track.

  4. Anonymous says:

    masta ace takes the cookie!

  5. zi says:

    Morcheeba has a song on their Back to Mine album called the Edge with David MacCallum.

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