"One Little Indian Smoking In A Tree"

“One Little Indian Smoking In a Tree”

You might remember this from Buckwild’s Diggin’ in the Crates album which had the remix but I’m sure most of you haven’t heard the original produced by Howie Tee(Chubb Rock, Special Ed, etc.). While Buckwild might be a better producer, I still have to say that I like the original version better. Howie Tee, unlike the Buckwild version, had the classic sample of Slick Rick in Indian Girl where he does the Indian chant for the hook. It also went well with the beat that used the sample from “Little Ghetto Boy”. Like a lot of rappers around that time, this is the only thing that Little Indian released in his career. I still wonder why because he had production by Howie Tee, and remixes by Buckwild, and Jay-Dee(I think it’s his first beat but it wasn’t the CDS) and he also had a video for this. There might be a full unreleased album out there as you can see on the back of the cover.

There has been a lot of talking about CD singles recently in our forum and the first one that came to my mind was this. Enjoy

Little Indian – One Little Indian (Original Version)

Little Indian – One Little Indian (Buckwild Remix)

–Thomas V (New TROY BLOGGER)

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