Which Remix Is Better? Fast Life Edition

Kool G Rap – Fast Life(ft. Nas)
The original Buckwild version of this was a well produced radio song.But the two most known remixes really outshined it to many heads at the time.
1.Norfside Mix – Buckwild was in the midst of a prolific period in his career when he churned this one out.He managed to turn this song in the opposite direction and made it a certified street banger.
2.Vinyl Reanimators Remix – I still don’t know exactly how they constructed this beat,but they kept a similar melody as the Norfside Mix and made it sinister and more rugged.They also changed up the hook with scratched in vocal samples,which is usually a plus.
The argument will still remain over which remix is the better one,voice your opinion in the comments if you have a favorite out of the two.
Download the two remixes and instrumentals, in one folder,here.
Thanks to FatFaceFreddy, Ho1ogramz, and drizzle at the Troy forum for upping these tracks and instigating this blog. –Verge
Correction: The Norfside Mix was produced by Salaam Remi,not Buckwild. –Verge

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