Xperado / Karim Jamal

All of the following tracks are taken off of this Official Jointz release and have appeared in one way or another on just about every single Lord Finesse “Lost Tapes” style ever put together since he produced all the following tracks. I’m sure I’m missing some other stuff these 2 put out so if any of our readers have a desire to share, please do so.

Xperado is just an all around solid rhymer with a fast style who sounds great over Lord Finesse production, and it’s an absolute shame Karim Jamal didn’t release more material than his 2 tracks. Pelon Rising is vintage mid 90’s DITC sound with an incredibly sick sample and Jamal catching wreck with 3 verses of rugged rhymes. Ghetto Appeal slows the adrenaline down a little bit while he spits about what makes his style the best.


A Damn Shame

All Night



Watch Ya Step Feat. OC

Karim Jamal

Pelon Rising

Ghetto Appeal


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4 Responses to “Xperado / Karim Jamal”

  1. Krisch says:

    I also got The Entity and Verbal Reality by Xperado both produced by DJ Shok.

  2. Krisch says:

    Here are the two tracks, i think it was Xperado 1st 12" from 97


    I always thought Karim Jamal and Xperado where members alongside Legacy of the NOTS Click, who released a bunch of 12"es on Official Jointz. Anybody got information on that?

  3. admiral says:

    Dope, thanks for those Krisch.

  4. John says:

    Krisch can you please reupload verbal reality?
    I need this joint, classic Shok production

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