Parenthood Compilation

Whenever I piece together a thematic rap compilation I am struck by this genre’s honesty and its currently unrivaled breadth of perspective. There is no doubt in my mind that most people, including doting parents, have mixed feelings about children, but my guess is that you’d be hard pressed to find too many non-rap songs that delve into the spectrum of emotional responses that parenthood inspires. From rhapsodizing about the pitter patter of little feet to dropping knowledge on one’s as yet unborn seed, to examining the world from the perspective of a fetus to fantasizing about kicking one’s baby muvva in the tummy, rap does it all, and with greater dispatch than that faggoty spoken word shit your girlfriend’s trying to sell you on. Enjoy. — Thun
Parenthood – [Download]

MF Grimm “Do It For The Kids” from Scars And Memories

Bad Seed “For The Kids” from For The Kids 12″

Threatt “The Whore Said Its Yours” from Sickinnahead

YZ “Newborn” from The Ghetto’s Been Good to Me
Messiah “Survival Of The Fetus” from Purple Rain/ Survival Of the Fetus 12″
Slick Rick “It’s A Boy” (Large Professor Remix) from It’s A Boy – Large Professor Remix 12″
Organized Konfusion “Invetro” from Equinox
Ed O.G. & Da Bulldogs “Be A Father To Your Child” from Life Of A Kid In the Ghetto
Akinyele “I Luh Her” from Vagina Diner
Xzibit “Foundation” from At the Speed Of Life
Brand Nubian “A Child Is Born” from Soul In Hole Sndtrk
Nas “Fetus” from The Lost Tapes
The Game “Like Father, Like Son” from The Documentary
Ice Cube “You Can’t Fade Me” from AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted
Will Smith “Just The Two Of Us” from Big Willie Style
Count Bass D “Seven Years” from Dwight Spitz
Queen Latifah “Mama Gave Birth The Soul Children” from All Hail The Queen
Lords Of The Underground “Funky Child” from Here Comes The Lords

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