Halloween Playlist (Imeem) + Horrocore Compilation

Halloween is the greatest pagan holiday of all time. It inspires acts of vandalism, wandering the city streets in masks and hoods, and girls donning tight outfits and whorish makeup. In other words, it reminds us a lot of the ’80s and ’90s. Enjoy the playlist and the compilation and don’t do anything we wouldn’t do without a guarantee of immunity from repercussions. Spooky shout-outs to PTS, Spartan, Z3, Verge, and Goldencratesfor suggestions. — Thun
Goldencrates’ Horrocore Compilation [Download Here]

House Of Krazees – Sounds Of Halloween 
L.U. Cipha – H6LLO66N 
L.U. Cipha – Rhyme Killa 
Halfbreed – Fuck Halloween 
Halfbreed – Serial Killaz 
Brotha Lynch Hung – Die One By One 
Flatlinerz – Good Day To Die 
Mars – Halloween Night 
Mars – No Face Killers 
NATAS – Telly Savales 
Project Born – Loosin It 
Twiztid – Diemuthafuckadie! 
Twiztid – Rock The Dead 
X-Raided – Wit A Mask On 
Mars – Come A Long Way 
Ganksta Nip – Horror Movie Rap 
Ganksta Nip – Psycho 

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