Tuff Crew – Back To Wreck Shop

I have to admit, I’m not the most knowledgable person when it comes to this Philly supergroup, so please leave a comment to fill in some info gaps or just drop some knowledge. This late 80’s multi-ethnic crew’s most notable member is probably DJ Too Tuff, who is widely credited with starting the turntablist movement, as evidenced on the mindblowing track Behold The Detonator, which is probably my favorite strictly scratching track of all time.

I’m not going to pretend like Tuff Crew was anything more than a group of proficient emcees – there’s no groundbreaking work contained here that would make Rakim shake in his boots. This is simply a very good album with street lyrics that will make you remember an era long gone (Wreck Shop, Show ‘Em Hell, Got To Be Funky, Down With The Program). However, when they try to rap about the ladies, it comes off as painfully corny and contrived, so avoid tracks like Gimme Some and She Rides The Pony at all costs.

If you like Back to Wreck Shop, then also peep Phanjam, Danger Zone, Still Dangerous, and DJ Too Tuff’s Lost Archives.


1. Going The Distance
2. Show ‘Em Hell
3. Gimmie Some
4. Mountain’s World
5. Got To Be Funky
6. Danger Zone Assault
7. Come On & Go Off
8. Behold The Detonator
9. She Rides The Pony
10. What You Don’t Know
11. Nut
12. Soul Food
13. Down With The Program
14. Wreck Shop
15. My Parta Town remix


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