Positively K (with refreshed link)

Props to DJ Dee-Ville from Ain’t It Good To You for this gem.

Born in the Bronx; Positive-K’s first national release came in 1986 with ‘Gettin’ Paid’; a compilation only track for New Jersery label Star Maker. The following year Pos signed to the excellent New York label First Priority. As First Priority was owned by MC Lyte and Audio Two’s father Nat Robinson, Pos’s career was under-developed and slightly overshadowed by his sibling label mates. He still managed to drop one of my all time favorite songs ‘Step Up Front’. Even now, I remember buying the 12″ from a tiny local indie store. Everything about that record is ill, the Grand Puba beat, the sirens, the flows, the Alliance Remix with different lyrics! I also loved the First Priority logo; the red and yellow always seemed so fresh to me…

Life after First Priority led Pos first to a Big Daddy Kane produced venture for his own Creative Control label, then to Island Records in 1992 for an album and a gold single in the form of ‘I Gotta Man’. It bugs me that in some mainstream quarters Pos is remembered as a one hit pop wonder, when to me that was the second chapter of his career.
The third chapter continued down the independent route until 2002 when the world of the Gentleman, the Rapper became very quiet. In 2006 Nas allowed him a few bars on the nostalgic ‘Where Are They Now’ track; and for 2008 the album ‘Positive-K – Back To The Old School’ got it’s release a couple of months ago. I shit my pants at the news of unheard Pos material. I even thought maybe some genius has compiled all my favorite cuts together. Sadly the album didn’t quite live up to my expectations. It’s worthy of a listen but it isn’t the ‘Step Up Front’ album.

So I felt compelled to do this. It was time that song was part of a solid album. I looked at everything Pos related from the First Priority years and saw a classic Golden Era album staring at me. I collected the tracks, added some bonus’ and for fun put the First Priority logo on the cover. Shit turned out dope. I have been jammin’ this non stop since I mixed and mastered it. Could you imagine the classic status an album like this would have acheived if it had actually dropped in 1988? – DJ Dee-Ville

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?1lh0yumyydm

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4 Responses to “Positively K (with refreshed link)”

  1. lexx says:

    wow, i just saw this now!! is there any chance of a reup??? would love to hear this!

  2. lexx says:

    well, there was an active link over at aintitgoodtoyou.. thanks you anyway. great blog, just found it a couple of days ago.. brings back loads of memories. keep it up!

  3. T.R.O.Y. says:

    To anyone else who needs a fresh link – I just edited the post and included one from mediafire. Download at will.

  4. Induna says:

    This is a best of Audio Two link. Where's the pos K one?

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