Nas – Please Listen To My Demo

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Once again, the T.R.O.Y. Forum comes through. Peace to DJ Mike Nice & Miami Kaos for the heads up. The physical CD is supposed to include some great photography and liner notes, so you know, support if so inclined. We’ve seen many of these tracks in different places before, but some appear to be new (to our ears, anyway.) Just one more reason to put off catching up with Nas’ recent output – and we cannot get enough of those, am I right, am I am I right?
Track List:
01. Intro
02. 17 Years Old Freestylin
03. Freestyle – 1st Time On Stretch & Bob
04. Freestyle – 2nd Time On Stretch & Bob
05. Another Day In The Projects (Demo)
06. I’m A Villain (Demo) Both Joints Would Become NY Stae of Mind
07. Freestyle – 3rd Time On Stretch & Bob
08. Freestyle – Wake Up Show
09. Memory Lane (Premo’s Demo Mix) [Click To Listen]
10. Represent (Premo’s Demo Mix)
11. Nas Will Prevail (Large Professor’s “It Ain’t Hard To Tell” Demo Mix)
12. Who’s World Is This (Rough Draft From DJ Hollwood) [Click To Listen]
13. Lifes A Bitch (Rough Draft Studio Session)
14. Life Is Like A Dice Game (Demo)
15. True Dialect (Unreleased)
16. Understanding (Demo)
17. Wake Up Show (Promo)
18. 1994 Freestyle In The UK
19. Deja Vu (Demo Later to be Used on Verbal Intercourse)
20. #1 With A Bullet (Unreleased)
21. On The Real (Original Marley Marl Demo Mix ft Cormega & Khamakazie)
22. Don’t Hate Me Now (Unreleased)
23. Life Gone Low (Unreleased)
24. Tales From The Hood (Unreleased)
25. New York (Unreleased Hard 2 Earn Mix)
26. 2nd Coming (Unreleased)
27. Untitled Track (Produced By Premier)
28. High (Unreleased)
29. Nas Will Rock (Unreleased Produced By Pete Rock)
30. Surviving The Times

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4 Responses to “Nas – Please Listen To My Demo”

  1. DJ MIKE NICE says:

    Thanks for supporting the mixtape

  2. Housman says:

    theres some great cuts on this

  3. Anonymous says:

    fucking dope shit

  4. Anonymous says:

    This is why young cats nowadays need to hear, not because of the content necessarily, but for the process.

    When Nas was 17 there was no fuckin Myspace music or youtube or datpiff etc…..you actually had to have some fuckin skills to get on,….but today you can be any no talent ass with an MPC and fruity loops software and a myspace account.

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