Lyrical King

T La Rock will probably never get his due credit for influencing generations of rappers right up through today. The elder brother of Special K from Treacherous Three, he was Def Jam’s first artist to release music on the label. The Rick Rubin produced It’s Yours stands as a landmark sonic achievement production wise and lyrically, which even Russell Simmons admits had a huge influence on LL Cool J, the 2nd artist Def Jam put out.

But T La Rock is so much more than just It’s Yours – listen to the sinisterLyrical King [From the Boogie Down Bronx], Breaking Bells, Breakdown, He’s Incredible, and Bust These Lyrics to hear confidence, bragadoccio, and Rolex-like timing. The only knock I really have against this compilation is the beats can begin to sound repetitive or show their age on a few tracks, but for the most part, everything works well as a cohesive unit.

You may recognize his beatboxer as well – it’s non other than Greg Nice from Nice N Smooth, who kills his solo track Three Minutes of Beatbox as well as Having Fun. You can see some of the styles on display here that would influence Rahzel from the Roots on some of his classic beatbox routines.

If you like stripped down, sparse 80’s drum heavy beats and absolutely murderous lyrics, then I recommend you check this out.

1. Lyrical King [From the Boogie Down Bronx]
2. Back to Burn
3. Tudy Fruity Judy
4. Having Fun
5. Three Minutes of Beat Box
6. Bust These Lyrics
7. This Beat Kicks
8. Big Beat in London
9. It’s Time to Chill
10. Live Drummin’ with the Country Boy

11. It’s Yours (12-Inch Radio Mix)

12. Breakdown (12-Inch Version)
13. He’s Incredible (12-Inch Version)
14. Breaking Bells (12-Inch Version)
15. Bass Machine (12-Inch Version)


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