T.R.O.Y. Goes Imeem For You Hosts With the Mostest

We know how it is – it’s late and your drunken guests want you to play DJ. You don’t have enough time to wait for Rapidshare to allow you to download fourteen volumes of late ’80s Paul C. productions and your friends ain’t hearing that anyhow. You need some familiar bangers, pronto. Luckily, Imeem makes it possible to stream playlists in such situations.
T.R.O.Y. is community minded and everyone knows that there are folks in the community who aren’t crate diggers or web-savvy or open-minded. That doesn’t mean that they should be left out. Every week we’ll be dropping a playlist that’ll cater to at least one segment of your social world, from the Carhartt-clad fortysomethings who still debate KRS vs. Rakim to the Juicy Sweatsuit sass mamas who need their R&B hooks, to the pasteoids who think doing the Elaine dance to “Rock Dis Funky Joint” is the sure road to street cred.
But today is your day. Ten posse cuts guaranteed to snap a neck for the live effects. If you’re really into Imeem, peep us there – http://www.imeem.com/people/1bcscTG. Happy hosting. — Thun

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